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Providing Independence and Peace of Mind

Protect your Career Investment!  ​Prevent unethical conduct and violations of the law within your healthcare organization with help from Coding and Compliance Experts located in Ohio.  Our company offers onset risk assessments, viable compliance plans and programs for any healthcare entity in the USA.  

Enhance Your Practice with Our Services

  • Insurance Credentialing Services
  • Clinical Documentation Audits
  • Physician Billing & Coding Training
  • Compliance Program Implementation
  • Create Efficient Policies & Procedures
  • HR Management / Build Job Descriptions
  • State Medical License Applications
  • Onsite Risk Assessment
  • Perform Monthly Employee Exclusion Checks
  • Annual HIPAA Privacy & Security Employee Training
  • Medical Office Start Ups
  • Customized Patient Handbooks

Credentialing & Provider Enrollment for all 50 States

Don't Take on a Task you Don't Understand

Credentialing and provider enrollment can be one of the most frustrating jobs for individuals who are unfamiliar with the process. Each payer has its own set of rules.  You can call a payer three different times and get three different answers.  Just missing one step in credentialing process can cause weeks or months of reimbursement delays!  

Let our team of professionals get the job done quickly and efficiently.  We offer:

Medical Insurance Credentialing Services
Provider Enrollment & Credentialing
Individual & Group Medicare Enrollment
Medicaid Program Enrollment for Group & Individual
State Medical License Application Services
Annual Credentialing Maintenance
Credentialing Revalidation
Telemedicine Credentialing
NPI Enrollment Services
CAQH and PECOS Setup

Document Build Packages

​Coding & Complian​ce Experts will create all necessary documents and forms for the practice, with the practice logo as header.

Includes Employer-Required Posters

The Return on Investment is Priceless!

Let us Come Knocking on your Door....and not the Government!

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